Looking for an escape from the worries of city life? Cameron County PA is just around the corner and it’s an ideal place to relax, unwind, and forget about all your troubles.

You are just a drive away from the “Heart of the PA Wilds.”

Driving directions from


  • Get on I-579 N/Veterans Bridge
  • Continue to Manor Township
  • Continue onto PA-28 N
  • Take I-80 E to PA-28 N in Pine Creek Township. Take exit 81 from I-80 E
  • Turn left onto PA-28 N
  • Continue onto US-219 N/Main St and continue to follow US-219 N
  • Continue on Toby Rd. Take PA-255 N/S St Marys St to Brusselles St in Saint Marys
  • Follow PA-120 E to Stillhouse Rd in Lumber Township
  • Turn left onto Stillhouse Rd

Approximately 3 hr 9 min


  • Get on I-76 W in Bala Cynwyd from Benjamin Franklin Pkwy and Kelly Dr
  • Follow I-476 N and I-80 W to Paul Mack Blvd in Castanea Township. Take exit 111 from US-220 N
  • Follow PA-120 W to Stillhouse Rd in Lumber Township

Approximately 4 hr 45 min

Cleveland, Ohio

  • Get on I-77 S from Ontario St and Orange Ave
  • Take I-80 E to PA-28 N in Pine Creek Township. Take exit 81 from I-80 E
  • Continue on PA-28 N. Take US-219 N, Toby Rd and PA-120 E to Stillhouse Rd in Lumber Township

Approximately 4 hr 3 min

Buffalo, New York

  • Take Delaware Ave to Church St
  • Take US-219 S to Killbuck Rd in Great Valley
  • Continue to Kill Buck
  • Follow US-219 S to N Kendall Ave in Bradford. Take the Kendall Ave exit from US-219 S
  • Take PA-46 S to US-6 E/East St in Smethport
  • Turn left onto US-6 E/East St and continue to follow US-6 E
  • Follow PA-46 S and PA-120 E to Stillhouse Rd in Lumber Township

Approximately 2 hr 36 min

New York City

  • Take Hudson St and I-78 W to NJ-139 W in Jersey City
  • Take I-80 W to Paul Mack Blvd in Castanea Township. Take exit 111 from US-220 N
  • Follow PA-120 W to Stillhouse Rd in Lumber Township

Approximately 5 hr 26 min

Rochester, New York

  • Use the right 2 lanes to merge onto I-390 S toward Corning
  • Take exit 7 for NY-408 toward NY-63/Mt Morris/Letchworth Pk
  • Turn left onto NY-408 S
  • Turn left onto Main St
  • Turn right onto NY-408 S/Chapel St
  • Continue to follow NY-408 S
  • Turn right onto Short Tract Rd
  • Turn right onto NY-436 W
  • Turn left onto Short Tract Rd
  • Turn right onto Co Rd 16
  • Turn left onto NY-19 S
  • Turn right to merge onto I-86 W/NY-17 W
  • Take exit 29 toward NY-275 S/Pennsylvania Ave
  • Turn left onto NY-275 S/Pennsylvania Ave
  • Turn right onto 5th Ave
  • Turn right to stay on 5th Ave
  • Continue onto W Notch Rd
  • Turn right onto 5th Ave
  • Turn left onto NY-305 S
  • Turn left onto NY-305 S/NY-417 E/S Main St
  • Continue to follow NY-305 S/NY-417 E
  • Turn right onto NY-305 S
  • Entering Pennsylvania, Continue onto PA-446 S
  • Turn right to stay on PA-155 S
  • Turn right onto PA-120 W
  • Sharp left onto PA-120 E
  • Turn left onto Stillhouse Rd

Approximately 3 hr 23 min

Washington, District of Columbia

  • Get on I-66 W from 16th St NW, 17th St NW and East St. Expressway
  • Take George Washington Mem Pkwy, I-270 N, I-70 W and I-81 N to PA-16 W/W Baltimore St/Buchanan Trail E in Greencastle
  • Continue on PA-16 W/Buchanan Trail E. Take Lemar Rd, PA-75 N and Aughwick Rd to US-522 N in Burnt Cabins
  • Continue on US-522 N. Drive from US-22 W to Snyder Township. Take exit 52 from I-99 N/US-220 N
  • Follow PA-350 N to US-322 W in Rush Township
  • Continue onto US-322 W
  • Continue on PA-53 N. Take Rolling Stone Rd, Quehanna Hwy, Wykoff Run Rd and PA-120 W to Stillhouse Rd in Lumber Township

Approximately 5 hr 15 min