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“Cameron County truly is a timeless respite from the pace of modern life. I felt reconnected with the natural world.”

a glimpse of what you can do in cameron county

Hike the Fred Woods Trail

A 4.57 mi hike that takes you through 2 fantastic vistas, rock city, and an exceptional view of Bennett Branch of Sinnemahoning Creek.

Visit Bucktail Overlook

Locally known as Mason Hill or the Top of the World, this vista is the perfect spot to watch the morning fog and elk. 

Explore Sinnemahoning State Park

Sinnemahoning State Park is a long narrow park that surrounds the First Fork Sinnemahoning Creek. There are also numerous educational exhibits that detail the history and wildlife of the area. 

Visit Wykoff Run Falls

A popular 6 ft tall roaring waterfall that can be easily accessed throughout the year.

Explore the abandoned Nuclear Jet Engine Testing Bunkers

Get a glimpse into the Cold War past of Pennsylvania. These bunkers were part of the 1950s program that sought to develop nuclear power jet engines for the United States Air Force. By 1960, the Air force canceled the contract and these bunkers were abandoned. 

Hike to Sinnemahoning Canyon Vista

A gorgeous off-trail scenic overlook of Bucktail State Park Natural Area.

Visit the Tom Mix Historical Marker

Tom Mix was a Cameron County native and Hollywood’s first western star. His plaque is located along route 555 between Driftwood and Hicks Run. 

Explore the Ridge Road Vistas

Features 6 world-class vistas along a 3-mile road making it the most scenic state forest road in Pennsylvania. 

Visit Elk Herd

One of the best elk viewing areas in Pennsylvania. 

Visit Bucktail Regiment Memorial

Located near Driftwood on Route 555, the Bucktail Regiment Memorial is in memory of those who answered President Lincoln’s call for volunteers during the Civil War. 

Experience the 100 Mile Yard Sale

Every July, Cameron, Clearfield, Elk, and Centre Counties hold the longest yard sale in Pennsylvania.