The Best Places for Stargazing

If you stay in Cameron County, you’ll be lucky to experience our big dark sky area. Here, you can see an abundance of stars. Look up and experience the milky way like never before!

Bucktail overlook

This is a magical place locally known as “Top of the World” or Mason Hill Overlook. Here you can take in spectacular 360-degree views of Sinnemahoning watershed and marvel at dark skies filled with twinkling stars – so perfect for stargazing! (41.34986624939839, -78.1535290023244)

Moore Hill Dark Skies

Enjoy this open space for a gorgeous view of delightful night stars. (41.46348019764345, -78.31467606374737)

Sinnemahoning State Park Dark Skies

Located near the center of the Pennsylvania Wilds’ scenic steep valleys region, encompasses 1,910 acres of beautiful scenery and outstanding wildlife habitat. ( Find a camp site)

Cameron County Dark Sky Park (COMING SOON!)

This is a bit off the beaten path. View wildlife by day and dark skies at night. It’s a beautiful place of peace and quiet. (41.45663754813595, -78.22747569815508)

when is the Best time for stargazing?

Ready to check out the stars?

To get an eye-popping view of Cameron County’s twinkling night sky, aim for a dark new moon and clear skies. The best times are during winter, spring, and autumn – when the nights stretch longer with cooler air (less humidity = clearer views.)

Before you head outside on your stargazing mission, be sure to check the weather – it is oh so much better without any distractions from Mother Nature!


Wildlife Watching

The best places to view Elk

If you’re looking for an up-close wildlife experience, look no further than Cameron County! We are teeming with majestic life such as elk, eagles, waterfowl, and, of course, deer. Pennsylvania has the largest free-roaming herd of Northeast elk, estimated at around 1,400 – now that’s worth checking out!

Brooks Run Division

Home to Square Timber Wild Area, Bucktail Natural Area, Johnson Run Division, and many hiking trails. (41.42074316614425, -78.03144872931725)

Bucktail State Park Natural Area

6,400-acre natural area featuring four major hiking trails including Quehanna, Bucktail Path, Donut Hole, and Chuck Keiper. (41.31294321946589, -78.07504591751584)

Elk Scenic Drive

This 127-mile driving loop takes you through elk viewing areas with well-marked road signs to guide you on your journey. (41.508056085366604, -78.2204393091809)

Hicks Run Elk Viewing Area

Elk-viewing area with covered blind overlooking high-quality elk forage. Handicap accessible. (41.36120486386758, -78.24735049096772)

Hoover Farm Elk Viewing Area

Handicap-accessible wildlife viewing blind overlooking food plots and openings.
(41.22782797927919, -78.19276558883539)

Miller Run Wildlife Viewing Area

Panoramic view of the lower Bennett Branch of Sinnemahoning Creek Valley overlooking a wildlife food plot. Parking lot, picnic table, and educational panels. (41.34453702458564, -78.21032923116017)

Moshannon State Forest

190,000-acre called “Moss-hanne” or “moose stream” from Native-American description of the waterway that flows through the area. (41.322832620008754, -78.20789521641849)

Wykoff Natural Area

1,215-acre state forest natural area with 4.8-mile hiking loop and two stunning waterfalls along Wykoff Run Road.
(41.23293454019811, -78.19556393616273)

Bird watching

If you’re a birding enthusiast or just looking to get in touch with nature, Cameron County is the place for you. With over 400 species of birds living in Pennsylvania and eagles stationed here year round – it doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced birder or novice wildlife watcher; there’s something special waiting to be discovered! 

And who could resist that fishing action? Keep your eyes peeled while out at The Susquehanna River Valley, Pocono Mountains and other larger waterways around Cameron County where ospreys, hawks & eagles will likely have their lunch right before your very eyes. Get ready to see majestic moments happen as these powerhouses take flight!

Here is a list of some birding hot spots in Cameron County.

Wildlife Center at Sinnemahoning State Park

Educational state-of-the-art interpretive exhibits with opportunities to view eagles, elk, and other wildlife. (41.47342951797574, -78.05628960232009)

Miller Run Wildlife Viewing Area

Panoramic view of the lower Bennett Branch of Sinnemahoning Creek Valley overlooking a wildlife food plot. Parking lot, picnic table, and educational panels. (41.34461757136491, -78.2103506888314)

Historic Route 120

One of the most scenic drives and best places for eagle spotting in Pennsylvania’s Great Outdoors region. Take Rt. 120 south from Emporium along the Driftwood Branch to the town of Driftwood and then to the town of Sinnemahoning. From Sinnemahoning, 120 runs along Sinnemahoning Creek to Cameron/Clinton County line near Keating. (41.50785902080634, -78.22027777918018)

Sinnemahoning Creek Water Trail

(15.5 Miles) Stream drops 120 feet from the confluence of Bennett Branch and Driftwood Branch near the town of Driftwood to the mouth in Keating. Sinnemahoning Creek means “stony lick” in the Lenape language. 41°17’53.6″N 78°01’08.5″W

Sinnemahoning state park

While normally rare, Sinnemahoning State Park offers amazing sights of eagle nests which can be easily seen.  41.473057, -78.056290


Are you ready to capture some amazing shots? Then Cameron County is the perfect place for your photography needs!

From wildlife, hills and valleys that stretch as far as can be seen, plus stars more numerous than one could ever fathom;  aesthetic dreams will come true. Whether a serious photographer or just looking to capture some memories with your camera on vacation, Cameron County has something beautiful waiting just around each corner.

Stevenson Dam Overlook

Come take in the incredible view of Stevenson Reservoir at Sinnemahoning State Park, and get a chance to witness some amazing wildlife like bald eagles and wild elk! There’s nothing quite like seeing nature up close.

Bucktail Overlook

Come explore the hidden gem of Bucktail Overlook! Locals know this spot as Mason Hill or “The Top of the World” and it’s absolutely breathtaking – you won’t regret taking a peek at its rolling vistas.

Norcross Vista

Autumn is one of the best times to explore Elk State Forest and along Ridge Road, Norcross Vista makes a perfect spot for an incredible view. Whether you want to capture fall colors in pictures or simply take it all in with your own eyes, this lookout point won’t disappoint!