Look Up at our night sky

Best Places to view the stars

There are many areas to view our night skies! Head up to the Dark Sky Park to see the skies with no light pollution! Head up Whittimore Road and go past the Emporium Overlook for 3.41 miles, continue straight on May Hollow Road for 2.19 miles and turn right onto Landfill Road. Go one mile to the parking destination!



Best Time for Stargazing

The best time to see Cameron County’s twinkling night sky is when it’s the darkest. This time is generally around every new moon, including the days leading up and right after the new moon. A new moon means the moon isn’t visible in the night sky allowing the fainter stars to be more visible. You will be able to see thousands of more starts.

The ideal months are during the winter, spring, and autumn. With longer nights and cooler dry air, means there is clearer skies and more viewing time during these month.

Be sure to keep an eye on the water, aim for clear skies.